Hello I am Helen Cox, author and emeritus professor in the Faculty of Health at Deakin University.

Over more than forty years I have been a clinical nurse, an academic and a researcher. Since my retirement in 2004 I have been researching the effects of music in medicine, specifically the use of live harp music that Peter Roberts offers in hospitals and other settings in Geelong. Peter and I have presented his healing work with music and my research around Australia and internationally.

Our latest collaboration has been the writing of our book The Harp and the Ferryman, which was released in March 2013.

I am a keen writer and have several other projects in development. One is a sequel to The Harp and the Ferryman which is a dialogue with readers who find my book where friends and colleagues have ‘released it into the wild’ in many locations around the English speaking world. People find the book in a café, or perhaps in a waiting room somewhere, accept my invitation to take it home and read it and then respond to the feedback page below. Most importantly, they release it into the wild again for someone else to find. The responses that I receive are often stories of loss and grief, important relationships, good and bad ways of dying and the wish to be able to care for someone well when they are dying. In my new book I weave together the things that people tell me with my own reflections and thoughts from others that I come across in my reading journeys.

If you have read our book and wish to provide feedback. Note that the travelling books have a code number, but anyone can respond, just put a zero for the code.

Apart from writing, I am an avid reader and gardener with a particular interest in native gardens and vegetable growing. I live in Geelong with my husband Doug. Our blended family consists of three children all of whom are adults now: our sons David and Greg and daughter Nicole and four gorgeous grandchildren, two in Melbourne, two in England.

New book

The Harp and the Ferryman by
Helen Cox and Peter Roberts

'...This beautifully written, stunningly engaging, and powerfully challenging book presents the evidence that music heals in the broadest sense of the word.
It represents the most moving read I have ever had.'

- Professor Alan Pearson AM    

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