As a teenager I vacillated between wanting to be a writer or a nurse.  I became a nurse, but I never lost that desire to write, so having published a book is a kind of completion.

I started nursing in 1965 at St Vincent’s Hospital in Melbourne (I was then Helen Hickling), eventually specialising in neurosurgery. I moved to nursing education in 1976 firstly in the hospital based training program and then at Deakin University, Geelong in 1987. I became Head of the School of Nursing at Deakin in 1993 and Professor of Contemporary Nursing in 1999 a joint position between Deakin University and the Epworth Hospital.

Being an academic in a University meant the usual trinity, acquiring a doctoral degree, which I completed through the University of Adelaide in 1996, researching, and publishing. My full CV lists those activities.

I retired from an active position as Professor in 2004 and have remained as Emeritus Professor ever since. An Emeritus Professor is a lifetime title conferred by University Council in recognition of exceptional service to one’s discipline, to the university or both, which for me was about the transition of nursing from hospitals to the tertiary sector and the successful implementation of the Faculty at Deakin. My contribution for the first eight years in the role of emeritus professor was in the University doctoral program, my last student has now graduated.

Selected Articles

Cox H. (2006) Journeying with the dying: Spirituality and the human encounter in suffering.
Keynote paper presented at the conference Spiritual Care: An Essential Part Of Caring For Patients.

This is a paper that I gave at a Spiritual Care conference in Portland Oregon in 2006. The research that we spoke about was the first I did on Peter’s work and the first time research had been conducted into music-thanatology in the world. It was the beginning of the evidence base for music-thanatology.

Cox H. (2001) Treading Lightly: An Ecology Of Healing. .PDF
International Council of Nurses Conference, Copenhagen Denmark June 2001.

This is a paper that I gave at a conference in Denmark. It was from my doctoral thesis of the same name and was about the healing of a community in a coastal town in Victoria after the Ash Wednesday bush fires of 1983.

Cox H. & Holmes C. (2000) Loss Healing and the Power of Place. .PDF
Human Studies. A Journal for Philosophy and the Social Sciences 23:63-78

This is a paper that was published in the prestigious journal Human Studies. Colin Holmes is Professor of Nursing at a Queensland University but was a colleague at Deakin at the time of writing. It is another paper derived from my thesis.