Emeritus Professor Helen Cox




Roberts Music
Website of music-thanatologist, Peter Roberts.

Michelle Anderson Publishing
Publisher of The Harp and the Ferryman.

The Institute of Music in Medicine
Not-for-profit charity that supports the work on music-thanatology.

Music-Thanatology Association International

Watson Caring Science Institute
I am putting a link here for Distinguished Professor Jean Watson. Jean is the founder of the Watson Caring Science Institute, the author of many books I highly recommend and is known world wide for her pioneering work in nursing. Jean was my doctoral examiner and I now count her as a friend. Please visit her site.

Sacred Space Foundation
Reverend Professor Stephen Wright, Chairman and co-founder of the Sacred Space Foundation in Cumbria, UK. Steve also has a number of highly recommended publications. He was also a doctoral examiner and now someone I call a friend. Please visit his site.